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  • September 29, 2022

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HI in this article I will be shown how to access the WordPress Uploads folder without and password and how to prevent this access

In this case, I will apply my own website

if your website has vulnerable it should look like below

Simply type website URL and then /wp-content-uploads

You can see all the files and folders. Now we will deny accessing this folder using .htaccess

First, you have to go to your Cpanel and find the .htaccess file and paste the below code

Options -Indexes

After saving the .htaccess file you should set read permission only for your htaccess file.

Whenever you modify your .htaccess file, you should always check that your website still works after uploading it. And if you don’t have Cpanel access you should backup first. Using WP File manager plugin you can get all the files.

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