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  • June 8, 2023

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In this article, I will show how to install a Cyber panel on Digital ocean. One-click install very Simple and easy process

In this article,  I am going to show how to install Cyber Panel on Digitalocean. One-click install very Simple and easy process. Host a PHP based website on Cyberpanel full process Step by Step

Let’s start…

  • If you have already registered then login into your Digital Ocean panel
  • Click Marketplace and search Cyberpanel.
  • Choose a plan Basic and Select Regular Intel with SSD and choose 10$/month CPU option.

        Choose a data center region

  • if you are from India choose Bangalore
  • Select an additional option IPV6
  • Create a root password to access Droplet (less secure)

Create a Complex Password for your droplet otherwise, you cant create a droplet

Note: You can choose SSH keys this is more secure.

  • Click on Create Droplet. it will take 5 to 10 minutes according to your internet speed.

Once your droplet is ready then you can get your droplet IP on the top.

  • Copy the IP and open your terminal.
ssh root@your droplet ip
password= your droplet password

Once Successfully log in you were asked for an update. Simply type Y and press Enter. Once Complete the
update restart your terminal or exit.

Again login with ssh and you will get the cyber panel link and PHPMyAdmin link

sudo cat .litespeed_password

This command will generate your cyber panel admin user and password.

Now You can log in with this credential. Cyber Panel Completely installed

Now we are hosting a website using a cyber panel

Main→Websites→Create Website→Select Package→ Default →Select Owner =admin →DomainNam→Email→Select PHP version→Create Website

Note: Before doing these steps you should change your domain nameserver i.e


Create user for selected domamin

Your website is live now….

Now we will create a database for the same domain

Once create a database import .sql file using PHPMyAdmin.

On the side, the panel go to the listwebsite tab and open with the manage option

Go to the file manager and upload your project and configure the database connection.

All Set now your project will live completely…..

If any questions you can ask me in the comment section



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